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As therapist we really appreciate our clients who show up and are willing to do the hard work. However, I’m really noticing lately that these are the clients who leave little room for the growing process.

I often joke with the parents of my kid clients “I have no magic wand, if I did I’d be a millionaire!”. Anxiety doesn’t just go away because you learned how to deep breathe, shame doesn’t quit just because you started naming it. It takes time and practice and most importantly learning from mistakes.

Grace is the gift we give ourselves as we are growing.

We will literally give up if we think we have failed every time we stumble. Allowing grace to swoop in and say “ouch that sucked, you’re really trying, I love you, let’s keep fighting”, that is where growth and change happens.

Give grace to your children, give grace to your significant others, give grace to your friends and family, give grace to the cranky driver, and most importantly give grace to yourself!

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